Tue 08 Mar 2016

The new Triumph Thruxton and Thruxton R - The legend is back

  • Powered by the game-changing 1200cc ‘high power’ Thruxton spec. engine, with immediate and exciting power delivery, the instant throttle response of Triumph’s next generation ride-by-wire system and a truly thrilling exhaust note.
  • With a dedicated chassis and fully uprated suspension for stunning handling and agility, and on the Thruxton R, a higher specification of equipment taking the ride to the next level.
  • Both a striking and imposing evolution of the iconic Thruxton racer with the same ‘flat-on-the-tank’ ethos and streamlined sports silhouette. Crafted with styling cues from classic Thurxton’s of the late ’60s and featuring an incredible level of detailing, including a uniquely beautiful new Monza-style filler cap.
  • Named after the legendary 500 mile Thruxton endurance race series and the Triumphs that dominated it, and which broke the first 100mph lap at the Isle of man TT, the Bonneville ‘Thruxton’ racers inspired a generation of teenage café racers and custom special builders.
  • The Thruxton and Thruxton R are two of the five exciting motorcycles in the new Bonneville family - all with 100% authentic Bonneville character, truly modern capability and performance.

Out of all the members of the new Bonneville family, the new Triumph Thruxton and Thruxton R have the most to live up to. Their name is about as legendary as it gets, even for an icon like the Bonneville. Back in the 1960s and ’70s it was synonymous with Triumph’s racing success across the world and most notably at the Isle of Man TT, and it inspired a generation of teenage café racers and custom specials.

The all-new Thruxton and Thruxton R more than just look the part, they really deliver out on the road too.

The breath-taking new Thruxton returns the café racer to its heritage performance roots, with all the power, delivered by its 1200cc ‘Thruxton spec’ engine, and the handling, agility and capability to match its beautifully imposing and authentic styling.

The more contemporary Thruxton R is simply the most thrilling and full-blooded sports classic you can buy. Building on the capability of the Thruxton, the Thruxton R is equipped to a higher specification with Brembo monobloc calipers, Showa big piston forks, Öhlins rear suspension and Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa Tyres. The legend is back.

Together, their uncompromisingly elegant and imposing lines are perfectly matched by the quality of their design, detailing, power and performance, and the incorporation of contemporary technology into a ride that’s as poised as it is exhilarating.

This combination of head-turning style, spine-tingling performance and unparalleled heritage and character is what makes the new Thurxton’s the real deal and the ultimate modern classic café racers.

New ‘Thruxton’ spec. 1200cc engine

The legendary character of the Thruxton comes to life through the 1200cc ‘high power’ 8 valve, parallel twin Bonneville engine.

This all-new ‘low inertia - high performance’ six-speed engine features a lighter crank, higher compression and unique airbox. With the pinpoint accuracy and instant throttle response of Triumph’s next generation ride-by-wire fuel-injection, fed by authentically styled twin throttle bodies, the Thruxton spec engine delivers a massive peak torque figure of 112Nm at 4950rpm - an amazing 62% more than the previous generation. With a higher power output of 97Ps at 6,750rpm, 41% up on the previous model’s engine, the new 1200cc Thruxton delivers much more power lower down and across the whole rev range, with an incredible 68% more power at 4,500rpm.

Beautifully styled, with a very high level of finish and detailing, the new engine, exhaust and throttle bodies incorporate cues from the original racing Thruxtons, whilst carefully integrating contemporary components to maintain that authentic look.

Behind the new 1200 engines stylish exterior sits a cutting-edge liquid cooling system, carefully integrated to minimise its visual impact whilst achieving cleaner emissions and enhancing fuel efficiency – 11% better than the previous generation. Combined with a new extended service interval of 10,000 miles, (16,000km), this contributes to a reduced overall cost of ownership.

The unmistakable sound of a British twin

A pair of new twin upswept exhausts with reverse-megaphone end cans that deliver a thunderous, rich bass exhaust note to match their powerful presence and performance. Finished in chrome on the Thruxton and brushed stainless steel on the Thruxton R.

Dynamic Handling

The new Thruxton chassis and suspension is all about sharp handling that really delivers on its café racer looks. With sporting ergonomics, clip-on bars, fully adjustable suspension and 17inch front wheel, for stunning handling and agility, combined with Triumph’s signature ride dynamic of neutrality, agility and stability, the new Thruxton delivers a truly engaged and thrilling ride.

To deliver the high performance handling dynamic of its sports-orientated focus, the new Thruxton R benefits from cutting-edge chassis components and settings.


- Twin floating Brembo discs
- Racing Brembo monobloc callipers
- Brembo master cylinder
- Race bred, fully-adjustable Showa big piston forks
- Fully adjustable Öhlins twin rear shocks
- Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa tyres.

Modern capability

The new Thruxton and Thruxton R feature a full suite of rider-focused technology to deliver advanced control, safety and enhanced rider confidence – sensitively integrated and without compromise to maintain its authentic Bonneville style and character.


ABS Triumph’s anti-locking braking system brings a new level of control to the Thruxton and Thruxton R.

Ride-by-wire Enhancing throttle responsiveness, safety and feel.

Traction control Taking advantage of the ride-by-wire system the switchable traction control system offers increased control.

Torque assist clutch Bringing a lighter touch and feel to the clutch to make it easier to ride, and ride longer.

Rider modes Linked to the ride-by-wire system the three selectable rider mode options, road, rain and sport, that provide greater control and safety, and, in 'sport' mode, a more immediate throttle response.

LED DRL headlight Incorporating the latest in daytime running lights (DRL) that delivers a distinctive signature light pattern and enhance power efficiency for long term durability. (Where legislation allows).

LED rear light Built into the classically inspired tail set-up, bringing a distinctive rear light pattern and power efficiency. With an integrated number plate light.

USB charge socket Headstock mounted USB socket provided so riders can charge up their essential devices.

Engine immobiliser Transponder integrated into the key.

Stylish twin clocks Feature packed clocks (speedo and rev counter) with beautiful 3D dial faces, cleverly incorporating a digital menu system.

Key features include:

- Rider mode setting
- road, rain or sport
- Gear position indicator
- Odometer
- Two trip settings
- Service indicator
- Range to empty
- Fuel level, average and current MPG
- Access to turn off traction control and ABS features
- Clock

Additionally riders can add accessories which would also then be accessed via the clock display. Including: heated grips and cruise control (available on the Thruxton only).

Switchgear New elegant switchgear presents simple fingertip controls for easy access to the key features on the new twin clocks.

Café racer styling

With all of the brooding presence and poise of the original Triumph racers, the all-new Thruxton and Thruxton R take the modern classic sports bike to a new level with tighter lines and an imposing stance.

Beautiful detailing

Both feature a unique fuel tank incorporating a ‘flip top’ Monza style cap (a first on any modern production bike), authentic bullet seat and stunning lightweight aluminium bar-end mirrors, wheel rims and swinging arm.

The Thruxton R also features a host of higher quality details with an additional painted seat cowl, amazing polished top yoke, aluminium tank strap and clear anodized aluminium swinging arm.


The Thruxton comes in three exciting colour choices:

- Jet Black
- Pure White, with a black tank stripe
- Competition Green, with a stunning metallic gold tank stripe

The Thruxton R comes in three exciting colour choices:

- Diablo Red
- Silver Ice
- Matte Black

Building your own Thruxton special

The original Thruxton racers inspired a generation of stripped-back and hand built ‘one-off’ café racers. With the launch of our new Bonneville accessories range, featuring over 160 accessories for the Thruxton and Thruxton R alone, it’s never been easier for riders to create their own special. This includes a garage full of custom inspired parts, including: sculpted cockpit fairing, exhausts from Vance & Hines, rear mudguard removal kit, lower clip-on handlebars and beautiful compact bullet indicators.

To make it easier, we’ve also created a set of three exciting ‘inspiration’ kits to use as the starting point for customers to design their own custom, or to have fitted as a complete set – from the full-on Track Racer kit, to the Café Racer kit and a thrilling Thruxton R performance race kit, specifically developed for closed circuit competition.

The Track Racer inspiration kit Bringing the final touches to the Thruxton or Thruxton R, the Track Racer kit features a host of competition-inspired accessories.


- Sculpted cockpit fairing
- Single painted seat cowl
- Authentic bullet seat
- Lower clip-on handlebars
- Rear mudguard removal kit with compact light
- Vance & Hines slip on silencers
- Leather tank strap.

The Café Racer inspiration kit Bringing the full-on café racer style to the Thruxton of Thruxton R.

Including: - Rear mudguard removal kit with compact light - Vance & Hines slip-on silencers - Single painted seat cowl - Authentic bullet seat - Signature Triumph rubber knee pads - Leather tank strap

Please note that availability of the Vance & Hines silencers, rear mudguard removal kits and indicators are governed by local market legislation.

And for the very first time… Performance race kit for the Thruxton R The Factory Race kit, for competition use and closed circuit racing only, takes the standard engine performance to an even higher level, with more power, torque and lower overall weight.


- Stainless steel “de cat” headers
- Stainless steel open silencers with removable dB killers
- Race specification cam shaft kit
- Race specification washable air filter
- Clip-on handlebars

With more performance, more poise and more pedigree, the new Bonneville Thruxton and Thruxton R are the real deal - modern classic sports bikes with ultra-authentic café racer styling, a serious engine and the handling capability to live up to their legendary name.


The new Triumph Thruxton R and Thruxton

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The new Triumph Thruxton R and Thruxton