2024 Bonneville Stealth Editions
- Speedmaster Red Stealth
- Bobber Purple Stealth
- T100 Blue Stealth
- T120 Blue Stealth
- T120 Black Stealth
- Speed Twin 1200 Red
- Speed Twin 900 Green Stealth
- Scrambler 900 Orange Stealth

  • Dramatic new custom-style paint finish
  • Innovative new technique from Triumph’s world-class paint team
  • Stunning new Stealth Editions are available for one year only


The world will soon be seeing Triumph’s Bonnevilles in a new light, thanks to a dramatic new custom-style paint finish which makes its debut on eight Modern Classics in 2024.

Available for one year only, the new Stealth Editions are an exclusive collection of eight beautiful Bonnevilles. Each model features its own unique tank design, which showcases a dramatic hand-painted finish that intensifies in the light to reveal vivid colour.

The process starts with a base layer of mirror-finish metallic ‘Silver Ice’ being applied to each tank, followed by a precisely placed dark to light ‘Sapphire Black’ graphite vignette. Finally, a translucent tinted lacquer is applied in multiple layers, to build a deep and rich top coat.

The transition from dark tinted graphite to vibrant  colour, springs to life when exposed to light, varying in hue and tone under different conditions and appearing different from every angle.  The hand-painted finish ensures subtle variations, making every motorcycle truly unique. 



The eight Triumph Stealth Editions include the Bonneville Speedmaster in red, the stripped-back Bobber in purple,  the T100 and T120 in a striking blue, the popular Speed Twin 1200 in red and the agile Speed Twin 900 in green, the Scrambler 900 in an eye-catching orange, and finally, the moody T120 Black features a sophisticated matt silver finish.


Bonneville Speedmaster Red Stealth Edition
A stunning and beautiful reimagination of Triumph’s British custom classic icon, the Stealth Edition has an intense new red design that amplifies the Speedmaster’s attitude and confidence in the sunlight. 

The paint finish enhances the Speedmaster’s laid-back attitude and custom style, which marries with a smooth torquey 1200cc Bonneville engine to result in  enhanced performance and handling, and a relaxed, comfortable ride.

The EURO 5 compliant 1200cc high torque twin engine delivers a responsive ride, with a tune specifically developed to deliver high torque and high power low down and through the rev range. The Speedmaster features high specification 47mm Showa cartridge forks, which combined with the preload adjustable hidden monoshock rear suspension unit, provide the rider with great manoeuvrability, comfort and control, with and without a pillion.


Bonneville Bobber Purple Stealth Edition
The world-famous Bonneville Bobber has a stripped back, custom style that is born to become a Stealth Edition, exposing a deep, vibrant purple colour that catches the eye.

With all the performance and capability of the latest generation, the Bonneville Bobber Purple Stealth Edition delivers an incredible 106 Nm of torque at 4,000 rpm, while the torque assist clutch provides a smoother operation, making the Bobber an easy and comfortable bike to ride.

With its unmistakable 16” fat front wheel, and chunky 47mm front forks, giving a muscular and imposing front end presence.


Bonneville T100 Blue Stealth Edition
Accessible, easy handling, and with thrilling Bonneville performance, the Bonneville T100 Blue Stealth Edition is available for one year only.

All the looks, all the style, plus a confidence-inspiring ride that is also convertible to A2 licence compliant. The torque-rich, low-inertia Bonneville 900cc engine delivers 65PS (64bhp) at 7,400rpm with peak torque of 80 Nm at 3,750rpm. This equates to a responsive engine character with easy-going, tractable power at low revs and plenty of top-end punch for an exhilarating, fun ride.

The high specification cartridge front forks, combined with the twin rear shocks and the 32-spoke classically styled wheels, further enhance the T100’s agile and easy-handling feel. The latest generation ABS and switchable traction control are sensitively and unobtrusively incorporated to maximise the rider’s safety and to ensure a smooth riding experience.


Bonneville T120 Blue Stealth Edition
The Bonneville T120 is one of the most distinctive motorcycles in the world, and with this vibrant blue finish it adds contemporary custom style to a true Modern Classic.

Not just a beauty, this Bonneville T120 Blue Stealth Edition is just as technologically advanced and packed with modern capability as you’d expect, with a high specification that includes 41mm cartridge forks, preload-adjustable twin rear suspension units and twin Brembo front brake calipers with ABS.

The T120 has been specifically tuned to deliver high torque, from low down in the rev range all the way through the mid-range, giving exhilarating performance throughout. The 1200cc twin engine delivers 105 Nm of peak torque at a very low 3500 rpm and its power peaks 80 PS at 6,550 rpm.


Bonneville T120 Black Stealth Edition
The Bonneville T120 Black Stealth Edition features a different finish to the rest of the collection – a beautiful silver matt finish that adds to its stand out appeal.

With the mean and moody Bonneville T120 Black you get a host of premium blacked-out details and components, including wheel rims, matt mudguards, engine covers, mirrors, handlebars, headlamp bezel, indicators, and exhaust, plus a stylish brown bench seat with embossed Triumph logo.

Beautifully torque-rich, the 1200cc low-inertia Bonneville engine offers an impressive mix of low-end torque and top-end power, with incredible custom style, making the Stealth Edition a head-turning choice for  a Sunday morning run or the daily commute.


Speed Twin 1200 Red Stealth Edition
The timeless Bonneville DNA of the classic Speed Twin 1200 is the perfect match for this peerless paint finish, rewarding closer inspection with a vivid candy red that gleams in the light.

The Speed Twin 1200 Red Stealth Edition also enjoys dynamic riding capability, engaging ergonomics and dedicated roadster-focused chassis, as well as high specification suspension and tyres that deliver confidence-inspiring, agile and intuitive handling.

Already an award-winning motorcycle, the Speed Twin 1200 has been a great success and a customer favourite. Its characterful 1200cc high power Bonneville twin delivers an incredibly strong and linear power delivery, with 100PS at 7,250rpm. The distinctive sound of this Bonneville Twin is amplified by the brushed stainless steel megaphone twin upswept sports silencers, that have been carefully crafted for a deep, throaty roar.


Speed Twin 900 Green Stealth Edition
This Triumph Stealth Edition model stands out with a rich, deep green tank design, reminiscent of the iconic British racing green and makes the Speed Twin 900 a head turner.

Powered by the torque-rich, 900cc Bonneville twin engine, the Speed Twin 900 Green Stealth Edition packs a punch delivering an exciting, comfortable ride as well as an appealing custom-inspired classic look.

The new Stealth Edition incorporates all the Speed Twin 900’s best loved features, including its Euro 5 engine with lower emissions, cast wheels and brushed aluminium detailing, as well as enhanced comfort and style. Add to that its confidence inspiring light and agile ride, low 765mm seat height, Brembo front brake, two riding modes, ABS and switchable traction control, and you get a truly special edition of Triumph’s most successful modern classic. Plus, it’s convertible to A2 licence compliant.


Scrambler 900 Orange Stealth Edition
Known for its custom style and rugged good looks, the Scrambler 900 now has an intriguing, deep orange glint in its eye for 2024.

The Scrambler 900 Orange Stealth Edition is the bike to be seen riding, on all roads, enjoying its high-torque 900cc Bonneville engine which is tuned to give you plenty of tractable power, while the ride-by-wire throttle delivers superb rideability and control.

The Scrambler 900’s dedicated chassis set-up delivers its commanding riding position with a unique frame, wide aluminium handlebars and mid-position foot pegs – a combination that inspires confidence and gives great visibility when tackling light off-road trails or in traffic. Its 19” front and 17” rear blacked-out wire-spoked wheel and low 790mm seat height adds to the confident feel and is complimented by a narrow stand-over width, enabling riders to comfortably reach the ground when stationary, making this model extremely accessible, easy to manoeuvre and fun for every type of rider. In fact, it’s convertible to A2 licence compliant.



Triumph Motorcycles’ Chief Commercial Officer Paul Stroud said: “The Stealth Editions are simply stunning, and a brilliant demonstration of the skill and innovation of our paint team. It is a challenging, hand-crafted technique that gives each motorcycle a sophisticated and unique finish. For fans of our Bonnevilles, these Stealth Editions will be hard to resist.”

Pricing for the Triumph Stealth Editions represents great value for fans of custom style. Orders can be placed now at Triumph dealers, with bikes arriving in dealers from February 2024.



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